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   Jun 11

An Online Home for Your Photos

In this day and age, most people have a camera with them wherever they are. And this is particularly true when parents are at their kids’ football games or practices. There’s the camera in your phone, or maybe a point-and-shoot, or possibly something full-sized, or something in between. After a while though, you’ll find that you have a ton of great pictures of your kid in action, but those photos might be in a jumbled mess of folders and memory cards. Having the photos organized somewhere doesn’t just make for a great album to look at. You and your kid can also use those photos to keep track of how his or her game develops.

Many parents end up posting their kids’ photos to social media. That’s alright. Other parents, however, want to have their own website, so they have greater control over how the photos look, and how everything is organized. It isn’t really that hard to do nowadays. You’ll want to set up the website with some help, probably. In my case, I turn to a company like Hoopla hosting service. These firms can help you get the url that you want, and set up the structure of your site so that the content flows, makes sense and is easy to navigate.

   Mar 20

The Right Home Environment for Your Little Warrior

Raising your little athlete requires the right ‘incubation chamber’. While some parents and their kids are all about training, it’s important to remember what happens off the field is also important. You want to create the right environment for your little champ to develop. We’re going to lay out some of the factors that help you do that.

Having a suitable yard or training area will help a lot. It depends on what sport your little champ is into, but most require a decent outdoor area or a large indoor room dedicated to training. Of course, you’re probably very aware of whether you have the appropriate space or not. Depending on how serious you are, you might need to think about expanding or relocating to a more suitable house. Check out this guide to Christchurch real estate if this is a road you might want to look at going down.

Remember good sleep and health are also essential. Your kid will not develop into a worldbeater if your house is always cold and damp and they spend a lot of the time sick as a result. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend investing in a heat pump. If you’re looking for a service you can use Christchurch heat pumps to help you find the best deal.

Of course, last but not least don’t forget the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Again, if your kid is sick all the time he won’t be winning any championships! Even something as simple as a dirty oven can be a hazard to your little champ’s health. Check out Local’s Choice for the best oven cleaning in Christchurch or simply visit

   Mar 20

Welcome to Patriot Warrior Football

Welcome to PWF, a site dedicated to encouraging and cultivating a love of football in kids all around the world. They don’t call it ‘the beautiful game’ for nothing, and we here at PWF feel it deserves to be encouraged as a sport. Although football is hugely popular in some countries like England and Brazil, and it may be the most popular sport on the planet, there are still many kids in certain countries who don’t get many opportunities to play. This site is for them more than anyone else. If you’re a passionate football fan living in a country where football isn’t the dominant sport, never fear! You’ll find friends and support right here.

If you’re a parent trying to encourage your youngsters to give football a go, how can you do it – well, of course, the easiest way is to lead by example – have a game with them! When they see how much you’re enjoying yourself as you play, they’ll start to have fun with the game as well. Remember that passion for a sport has to be born from fun – you can’t force a child to love football, but you can create the right conditions for them to fall in love on their own!

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